Company’s aircraft fleet

A distinctive feature of Air URGA’s aircraft is an increased level of passenger cab noise insulation and brand new comfortable leather seats made in the corporate style of the airline. All aircraft of the company are fitted with the most modern onboard air navigation equipment complying with all current requirements to flight safety.

All flying staff of IJSAC «URGA» holds a high level of qualification which meets all national and international standards of Civil aviation, an invaluable experience of working in the countries of Europe with developed aviation infrastructure and high intensity of flights, as well as experience of operations in the countries with hard climatic and geographical conditions. Experienced and highly qualified flight attendants provide pleasant service onboard of the Air URGA’s aircraft.

Saab-340B aircraft


Saab-340B – is the passenger aircraft manufactured by Swedish aircraft manufacturer SAAB AG. The aircraft is equipped with two turboprop engines.
The passenger cab is furnished with 10 rows of passenger seats under the scheme of 2+1 and 1 more row consisting of four seats in the back-end of the cab.

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Aircraft Аn-26


Аn-26B is a middle-range cargo airplane designed to carry up to 5 500 kilos of cargo on the range of up to two thousand kilometers. The high mounted engines and reliable construction of the landing gear provide the possibility to safely perform flights to the aerodromes with unpaved runways. Apart from this, in distinction to other aircraft of the given type, An-26B possesses a large cargo hold and wide convertible cargo ramp to ensure the most comfortable conditions for loading/unloading of the cargo.
Apart from the standard type of cargo, our company has a long experience of carrying live cargo by An-26B aircraft (chickens, dolphins, sea bears), as well as a right for transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

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Aircraft Аn-26-100


An-26B-100 – is a middle-range cargo-passenger aircraft designed to carry 36 passengers or 5.5 thousand kilos of cargo on the distance of up to two thousand kilometers. An-26B-100 is a unique aircraft in its type as a combi airplane with convertible configuration of the cab depending on the type of cargo.

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Aircraft Cessna 172R Skyhawk


Cessna-172R Skyhawk – is a light airplane of American manufacture. This is the most mass-produced airplane in the history of aviation: since 1956, there have been manufactured more than 55 000 airplanes in more than 25 different modifications.
This airplane perfectly combines the qualities of an air taxi along with training aircraft. Cessna-172 – is a legendary aircraft. Minimum 55% of all the pilots who subsequently became professionals were starting out from this machine.
This is a serious aircraft, which at the same time combines the qualities of high-performance, reliability and practicability.

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