Aircraft equipment


IJSAC «URGA» air fleet covers a range of different types of aircraft: An-24, An-26, An-26 B100, Saab-340, Cessna-172. This enables us significantly expand the range of services provided. We carry both passenger and freight transport, including and oversized cargo.

The company regularly implements programs to improve comfort and quality of passenger service, in some improvements passenger cabin was equipped with modern leather seating, systems of additional sound absorption. We also care about the safety of passengers so equipped a comfortable lounge with modern on board systems of life support (oxygen and fire fighting systems, safety equipment).

We created comfortable atmosphere at all passenger aircraft.

Some of our aircraft have cargo-passenger layout that provide the most effective commercial usage of their interior.

Our aircraft are completely autonomous in the maintenance and do not require any additional equipment to operate on runways as with artificial turf, and without it.

In order to increase competitiveness (payload and maximum range) on our aircraft are installed additional fuel tanks and increased maximum takeoff weight.

Safety in an increasingly intensive traffic is provided through such modern systems, such as satellite navigation, TCAS, EGPWS, INMARSAT, ELT-406, FDR, etc.

Equipment of such high international level allows us to fly to any country in the world, to any continent, in any weather conditions.

International aviation technical center in Kirovograd is reality!