Happy Flight Attendant 2021!

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Dear flight attendants!
On behalf of the management of the International Joint-Stock Aviation Company “URGA” we congratulate you on your professional holiday – World Flight Guide!

Of all the earthly roads, you have chosen the heavenly routes, and now, as part of a friendly crew, you travel tirelessly, taking care of each passenger as if he were the dearest guest!
We wish you that destiny will continue to enrich you with life wisdom, energy, joy and inspiration. Let your relatives support and inspire you, colleagues and like-minded people always understand, troubles and misunderstandings pass. We wish you and your family boundless happiness, family well-being, comfort in your home and further success in new endeavors.
We wish you health, well-being in your family and inspiration
in reaching new heights.
Let every day be wonderful, and every trip be incredible!

Happy holiday!