International Day of Aviation and Human Space Flight!


Today, on the 12th of April, the mankind worldwide celebrates the International Day of Aviation and Human Space Flight. This holiday appeared in honor of the first human space flight, and thus it emphasizes the human’s indomitable thirst to acquire new knowledge.

The era of human flight initially on the plane, and later in the space ship, opened to mankind fundamentally new opportunities in overcoming distance and speed.

On this remarkable day, one should keep in mind the human’s infinite possibilities and the ability to win through any obstacles applying the persistent work and patience.

We wish you the holiday spirit, exhaustless forces and inspiration, great personal and family happiness, sound health, new achievements in further developments in aviation and space exploration, and the building of an independent and prosperous State.

We wish you the desired success! May you be filled with inspiration and enthusiasm to solve the most difficult tasks.

May the flight of your thoughts reach the clouds and fly to the stars!

May God bless and protect you!