Happy Birthday of IJSAC “URGA”


Dear colleagues,

  Accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of fruitful and successful activity of IJSAC “URGA” at the Ukrainian and international markets!

26 years is a considerable way of challenges and search, it’s a substantial period, it’s a notable date, it’s a real holiday indeed!

We can confidently claim that we have managed to create our own image in Ukraine, gain strong positions, and win our supporters. Your dedicated work is based on the principles of professionalism, decency and high responsibility.

We wish all the staff of IJSAC “URGA” good health, joyful mood, prosperity, success, optimism, confidence in the future, and inspiration in everyday work, realization of creative plans and new achievements, brilliant ideas and real possibilities for their realization!

May good fortune be with you on your hard and honorable professional way!

Let our partnership and friendly relations continue to be strong and fruitful!

May your families be always in harmony and love!

We wish you professional longevity!

 May God bless and protect you!

 Sincerely,  IJSAC “URGA”  Top management