Happy Birthday of IJSAC “URGA”


Dear colleagues!
Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the fruitful and successful activity of IAA “URGA”.
Each of you demonstrates your professionalism and high intellectual potential, thanks to which the airline occupies a leading position in the market of aviation services.
The inexhaustible energy, persistence and determination with which the URGA IAC team carries out its tasks is a shining example for the entire aviation community.
Accept sincere gratitude for your daily hard work, dedication, loyalty to your work and high performance.
On this holiday, we wish you unbreakable health, family well-being and warmth, well-being, inspiration, peaceful skies, new prospects and achievement of goals!
May harmony and love reign in your families.

 Sincerely,  IJSAC “URGA”  Top management