Day of Kirovohrad town 2015.


A Town Day is always a joyful event. It is celebrated by everyone who was born and grown up here, who came and stayed here forever. Now more than ever we realize the value of peace and love to our Motherland.
The unique heritage of our town as well as its history was created thanks to its citizens. Their persistence and dedication make possible for modern Kirovohrad region to develop – new buildings are raised, streets change, and modern infrastructure is created.
Let happiness and prosperity live in each its street, in each house, in each family making all of us a strong-knit and empathic society.
We wish troubles always pass you by and welfare be a frequent guest in your houses. Be always in the full of joy and health and let Grace of God and love always be with you.
May our town be peaceful, beneficent, safe and given back its historical name, and all its citizens be healthy, happy and cheerful!
Let respect and mutual support become a basis of strengthening of our town’s community and then we will be able to do everything.