International Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day 2019

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Annually on July 12th, the representatives of one of the most romantic job in the world celebrate their professional holiday – the International Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day.

On this great (remarkable) day, we congratulate everyone for whom the sky is not only a work but also (turned into) a close friend.

You have preferred sky routes to all the earthly roads, and being a part of a friendly crew, caring for every passenger as if they were the most priceless guest!

Who can imagine a flight without a flight attendant on board? Sometimes this profession seems to be as a simple one but in the meantime it combines many functions. They act as a manager who can quickly arrange the passengers for landing, and a psychologist, a customer service professional and as a lifeguard in an abnormal situation.

Thus, please accept our warmest congratulations on this occasion. We wish with all our heart the strength of spirit and victories on the life paths.

May you everywhere be accompanied by the fortune in fulfilling cherished dreams, having enough energy for your fruitful and hard work!

We wish you health, family well-being and inspiration in reaching the New Heights.

We wish you safe take-offs and soft landings, both in heaven and on earth!

 May God bless and protect you!

 Happy holiday!