Private and commercial pilot training PPL(A) and CPL(A)



1. PPL(A) program prerequisites:

Age – 18 and more..

Medical certificate – PART MED medical fitness certificate, not below 2nd class.

2. Entry exams or tests – N/A.

3. PPL(A) program overview:

Course duration – 3-6 months (depending on the Center workload).

Ground training – 155 hours of theory.

Flying practice – 45 hours on the single engine «Cessna-172», manufactured in the USA.

Having successfully completed the training you will obtain the private pilot’s license (airplane) authorizing you operate on the single engine airplane for private purposes.

As simple as that! Half a year maximum and you are a holder of the private pilot’s license. The dream of the many generations having no such opportunity has come true

1 If you dream of becoming a professional pilot, we invite you to complete the CPL(A) course and obtain the commercial pilot license.

Upon completion of the full complex course, you will also obtain instrumental rating IR and multiengine airplane rating ME. With these, you shall open cockpit doors of modern airliners in Ukraine and Europe.

Training at our Center will be your pleasant and unforgettable experience as only we have professional instructors, modern soft and hardware, comfortable location in a cozy and nice city in all respects, all of that – for quite a comfortable price!