Why we?

International Joint Stock Aviation Company «URGA» is oriented in its activity to constant improving of aviation services quality, satisfying of its partners and customers. In view of this IJSAC URGA has implemented Quality Management system. The airline has got the official confirmation on international quality standard ISO 9001:2000 and on regular basis is undergoing the certifications on this standard recognition.

It is safe with us

Flight safety has always been the main priority in IJSAC “URGA” activity. In order to ensure the highest level of safety and meet national and international standards, we consider it our duty to develop, implement, and improve management strategies, systems and methods. No compromises exist for us when it comes to IJSAC “URGA” main priorities – assurance of quality, safety and aviation security.

Our core beliefs in the area of flight safety are the following:

  • Flight safety is the main aspect of our activity and is significant for each of us, that’s why our aim is to prevent any events and incidents in the field of security.
  • Flight safety is a source of our competitive advantages.
  • Our business activity will be improved provided that improvement of flight safety assurance system is an integral part of the whole aviation activity.
  • Managers of all the levels are accountable for the results of our work in the area of flight safety assurance.

There is a system of voluntary reporting in our airline.

In the atmosphere of confidence company employees, business partners and site visitors may report of any events which may affect both flight safety in IJSAC “URGA” and the company’s business reputation.

In order to ensure flight safety, IJSAC “URGA” authorized staff has been constantly reviewing voluntary reporting.

A form of voluntary reporting write in

Dear visitors, customers and employees of our airline!

Please use this form for comments and suggestions aimed at improvement of the quality of our work and flight safety assurance. If necessary, you may provide any information by e-mail qsms@urga.com.ua

Favorable conditions

IJSAC «URGA» Quality Management System as the way of implementation the Policy in the sphere of quality is based on individual approach to the customers of aviation services. It is demonstrated in favorable conditions and high level service provision to our customers.

Being one of the leading air companies providing passengers and cargo air transportations services, our company may offer to its customers the possibility to get more favorable conditions of air transportations and aircraft lease.

Address our company and we will agree more acceptable payment terms and discounts for you!

High level service

High professionalism is a basic platform of our company. Safety, operational efficiency, promptness, accuracy and comfort are the basis of your flight.

Wide range of services provided by our company include: regular passenger transportations, passenger charter flights, air taxi, cargo air transportations are performed by professional team. Keep in safe the life and health of passengers and crew members during the flight, careful and due delivery of various cargo are a ticket to success!

24-hour service on flights provides individual due approach to all needs of the customer!