Charter flights


Charter flight is very convenient and fast way to reach any point of the world, not wasting so precious time in countries, connected with changes of flights, aircraft and other discomforts.

Air Company «URGA» proposes services of individual flights organization. In our Company you can order both passenger and cargo aircraft, fully meeting your needs not only in terms of comfort and seat capacity, but also in planning the budget for travel.

Our Air Company is solely responsible for flight, including all connected questions:

  • Obtaining all permits of countries where the aircraft will take off and land or fly across the territory;
  • Departure according to the schedule and pre-agreed route of flight;
  • Providing the necessary amount of fuel for flight at the aircraft;
  • Flight catering for passengers;
  • Highly qualified staff;
  • Organization of meeting the passengers at the airport for check-in;
  • Assistance in loading/unloading of the baggage;
  • If you have any questions, our managers are willing to help the customer at any time.

Types of charter flights operated by our company:

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Passenger charter flights


Our Air Company will help you in organizing, escorting and providing passenger charter flights at AN-24 and Saab-340B aircraft types.

The benefits to our customers:

  • Charter flights are the most time-efficient:
    • You can travel without changes of an aircraft and expectations in transition airports;
    • You will have a wider arrange of airports in comparison to the regular flights. This will allow you to get to the destination place faster and in more convenient way;
    • You will fly in convenient time. Even if your working plans changed, an aircraft and crew will wait for you ready for a flight;
    • You can visit some other countries in the day you use charter flights;
  • The clients fill themselves more comfortable on charter flights:
    • Attention of stewardess will be reserved only for you;
    • You will have the possibility to choose foodstuffs and drinks;
    • We will organize transportation to/out of airport for you at your request;
    • We will satisfy your wish in case you order VIP flight;
  • Less problems during the flight:
    • You will pass a simplified registration procedure at the airport;
    • Your baggage will be always with you and will never be lost.

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Cargo transportation

gruzCargo transportations with IJSAC «URGA» are transportations of cargo by means of charter flights to any airport at any time and they have the range of advantages over other types of cargo delivery.

First comes high efficiency of cargo delivery, particularly if it is international transportation. Indeed, if we compare all types of vehicles used to transport cargo, the plane is the fastest one.

Secondly, air cargo transportation presupposes high level of safety o9f the delivered cargo, because during the transportation it can’t be damaged, or spoiled.

Besides the stowage of cargo at needed flight carriers accept responsibility for freight forwarding, organizing temporary storage and insurance, if necessary, perform the customs declaration of goods.

IJSAC «URGA» offers charter flights for cargo that weights not more than 5,5 t and has volume not more than 60×3 m. AN-26B aircraft has volumetric cargo compartment and opening cargo ramp for providing the most comfortable loading/unloading of cargo.

Trusting cargo to IJSAC «URGA» you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered in time and in the proper place.

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Booking a charter flight

zakazYou can book charter flight and receive all necessary information about aircraft booking, organization of charter flight (charter) and costs of services calling to our operators by phones:

  • +380(522)35-35-02 (24 h).
  • +380(522)35-35-11,

We are happy to answer all your questions by e-mail:,