Аn-24RV aircraft


An-24 aircraft was designed under the direction of the general aircraft designer of Antonov engineering bureau. An-24 was equipped with two turboprop engines of AI-24 type designed by A.I. Ivchenko, with power over 2550 horse powers, four-bladed feathering propeller AV-72 3, meters in diameter and automatic pitch variation. An-24 is a fullmetal cantilever monoplane with high mounted wing, single-fin empennage fitted with fin leading-edge extension and tricycle forward retracting landing gear.

The fuselage – semimonocoque pressurized fuselage. The fuselage contains the cockpit, passenger cab, sanitary premises (buffet, toilet, coat rack, etc.) and cargo compartment. The passenger cab is separated from all other premises by a divider. The roomy cabin is equipped with comfortable tip-up seats with pitch over 720 millimeters, containing ash-trays and tilt tables. The initial version of the aircraft was designed to carry 32 passengers, soon after 50. The cockpit is located in the forefront after the passenger cab. The crew consists of the pilot-in-command, co-pilot, board engineer and flight-attendant.

The high-aspect keystone shaped wing has a wingspan over 29, 2 and total area-size over 74, 9 square meters. Four bladder-type fuel cells with total volume of over 3950 kilos are located in the Central wing box.

The aircraft has a dual control. It has an original horizontally positioned steering column which in combination with cabin configuration provides extra convenience for the pilots.

The aircraft is equipped with flight control and radio equipment which provides a possibility to perform flights in the variety of meteorological conditions at the day as well as at the nighttime, along with possibility of performing landings in the poor visibility conditions.

An-24 very rapidly gained recognition of the workers of civil aviation and passengers.

General characteristics of the aircraft:

Maximum take-off weight, kilos 21800
Weight of the empty aircraft, kilos 14800
Number of passenger seats 48
Flight range, kilometers 2000
Service ceiling, meters 8400
Cruise speed, kilometers per hour 430
Number of crew members 4+1
Wingspan, meters 29,20
Length, meters 23,53
Height, meters 8,32
Dimensions of the entry door (width/height), meters 0,75/1,40
Dimensions of the cargo door (width/height), meters 1,20/1,10
Dimensions of the baggage door (width/height), meters 1,41/0,75
Average fuel consumption, kilos/per hour 800

An-24 became one of the most widespread Aeroflot aircraft.an-24_s

 Toward to the end of 1970 An-24 was already operated on more than on 450 routes. It has been operated in all climatic regions of Russian and countries outside the former Soviet Union. An-24 held the leading positions by volumes of export among all other passenger aircraft, and it has been delivered to 26 countries worldwide. The life-time resource of An-24 was increased to 50000 flight hours, or 35000 flights, – which came out to be the highest index in former USSR.

General aircraft designer A.N. Tupolev praised An-24 aircraft: “The aircraft showed its high qualities and is a modern standard for aircraft of its class”.

An-24 aircraft has become a backbone for the whole family of aircraft designed by Antonov engineering bureau.