URGA Airline Successfully Completes SARPcheck Safety Audit


London, United Kingdom, 02 July 2024 – SARP Ltd., the not-for-profit governance body of the global aviation safety audit program SARPcheck, announces that Ukrainian “International Joint-Stock Aviation Company “URGA,” commonly known as Air URGA, has successfully completed Phase I of the SARPcheck safety audit. In recognition of this achievement, Air URGA has been awarded a Phase I certificate and added to the growing list of airlines on the SARPcheck registry at https://www.sarp.org/registry.

“Air URGA has proudly provided flight services to the United Nations for 30 years and is committed to adhering to the highest safety standards,” says Oleksandr Halinskyi, CEO of Air URGA. He continues, “We appreciated the opportunity to welcome a team of four highly skilled international aviation experts to evaluate our operations and assess the effectiveness of our flight safety related processes and procedures.”

The audit was conducted by AEROTHRIVE, one of the three global audit companies, known as Safety Quality Organizations (SQOs). AEROTHRIVE CEO Henrik Baark highlighted that the SARPcheck program’s commitment to agility and flexibility was evident during the audit. He says, “Due to the political situation, this audit had to be conducted in hybrid mode, combining on-site and remote auditing. This setup, applied for the first time, proved to be fully practicable thanks to the professionalism of the Air URGA team and the vast experience of our auditors.”


Air URGA, established in 1993, is a Ukrainian airline renowned for its reliable and efficient regional services. Based in Kropyvnytskyi, Air URGA offers passenger and cargo flights worldwide. The airline boasts a diverse fleet of turboprop aircraft, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to market demands. Air URGA is committed to safety, punctuality, and remarkable customer service. Additionally, the airline plays a significant role in supporting humanitarian missions and governmental contracts, demonstrating its dedication to community support and operational excellence in the aviation industry.

The innovative SARPcheck program aims to elevate flight safety, accelerate airline business processes, and facilitate codeshares, wet leases, and charter operations through an accessible, affordable, and pragmatic approach by directly auditing applicable ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in a structured and standardized manner. The two-level SARPcheck registry lists “Phase I” audited operators immediately after they have undergone the full audit. SARPcheck boosts the accessibility of safety audits based on applicable SARPs from Annexes 1, 2, 6 (Part 1), 8, 17, 18, and 19 every 24 months.
Certificate Phase I Registration