The International Civil Aviation Day 2017

Международный день авиации (3)

Dear colleagues and friends!
We congratulate you on your professional holiday – the International Civil Aviation Day!
The International Civil Aviation Day has been celebrated since 1994 on the occasion of the anniversary of the signing the Convention on International Civil Aviation in Chicago. In 1996 this holiday was officially established by United Nations General Assembly.
Aviation today is a reliable, comfortable and the quickest means of transport and this is due to the fact that you, truly in love with the sky and understanding the specific responsibility for flight safety, devote yourself to aviation.
On this day we express gratitude to all who worked and are working to the benefit of aviation. Thank you for your courage, professionalism and dedication.
With all our heart we congratulate all personnel involved in aviation sphere on their professional holiday and wish the clear sky, successful work, happiness, wealth and reaching the new heights!