International Flight Attendant’s Day!

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Every year on the 12th of July representatives of one of the most romantic professions in the world better known as flight attendants celebrate their professional holiday – International Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day.
Profession of flight attendant exists more than 80 years, but it still does not lose its popularity among young people, attracting them with its diversity, dynamism and opportunity to see the world.
You are the airline’s face and the most romantic character of civil aviation. You perform your duty with honor and dedication – help, support passengers as empathetic psychologists, create all the conditions, providing passengers with comfort and safety as highly qualified specialists in service sector. And when required, you are fearless rescuers able to make effective decisions quickly. Thank you very much for your work!
Accept our congratulations on International Flight Attendant’s Day!
Let your exhausting hard work be compensated by romanticism of the sky! We wish you soft landings and friendly passengers, good health, professional development, success and luck!