We congratulate you with Resurrection Sunday – Easter! (2017)


This bright day that unites millions of believing Christians around the world fills our souls with joy, hope for a good change and renewal, a readiness for a new stage in the life of each of us.
Easter is the great triumph of the victory of life over death, good over evil; it brings love, peace and spiritual transformation.
The very atmosphere of the Easter festivities has enormous meaning for each person and a great and attractive spiritual force, the content of which is the cathedral unity and social consensus, the priority of moral values.
Today, like thousands of years ago, this great day is a national holiday symbolizing spring and hope. Spring Easter days bring love and harmony to our families, they call to do useful things, take care of relatives and friends, and be merciful to strangers.
With all our heart we wish you good health, peace of mind, harmony and accord. Let the bright holiday of Easter leave only kind and joyful memories!
Christ has risen!