IJSAC “URGA” Leader of the Year 2017


In August 2017, IJSAC “URGA” received a new recognition as a leader on the national and international levels. This is a significant step towards business growth! Our company has won the title “Leader of the Year 2017″ confirmed by high positions in the National business rating:

Gold in the rating of Ukrainian business entities in the nomination “Financial indicators of successful activity”;
Gold in the rating of Ukrainian business entities on the indicator “Net income from sales of products, goods, works and services”.
The award “Leader of the Year 2017″ is, in fact, a real recognition, an incentive of the best companies for their contribution to the development of the national economy, a promotion of effective managers and specialists of the company to new achievements, inspiration and unification of business leaders.
It is believed that award is a result of the work, a peak of success. But the reward of the National business rating is for us just the way to conquer a plenty of other summits in business.
It is very significant that our company is worth of attention and support of society and the state as a whole, popularization among the participants of not only Ukrainian but also foreign markets. The annual program “Leader of the Year” means more relations, knowledge, business promotion tools and other privileges of the leadership status within the international business community. This is the evidence of high qualification, ability to work and enrich our Motherland, create jobs and properly represent own regions.
The award “Leader of the Year 2017″ is the evidence to the fact that our country thrives, we work better, the evidence to the fact that we are worthy of the work we do.
Taking this opportunity, we express our sincere gratitude to IJSAC “URGA” team for getting a high grade for dedicated work and, as a result, the reward “Leader of the Year 2017″. We have won yet another summit!